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What Can a Picture Do? It’s Just a Picture, Right? #wearebeautiful

What Can a Picture Do? It’s Just a Picture, Right? #wearebeautiful

Dove launches a new advertising campaign that explores your own perception of beauty — but on the inside. How would you describe your own beauty? The distance between how you see yourself and how everyone else does might be bigger than you imagine.

How many of us are trapped within a prison of faulty self-preception? How many of us judge ourselves much too harshly? How many of us treat others too poorly because we think they are the ones judging us? How many people long for a new lens to see ourselves with? It reminds me of a story I once heard Chris Heuertz share:


You're More Beautiful Than You ThinkA little girl met a blind priest and blurted out, “You’re blind!” And he replied, “That’s not a surprise to me.” But before she could process this new discovery, she went from surprise to deep sadness. “You don’t know what you look like…

“You’re beautiful.”


As photographers, we have the power to give this kind of amazing gift to those we photograph. It’s never been just about the picture… It’s about what art can do for the heart.

Kameron Bayne

Idea explorer. Visual storyteller. Kameron is a patient listener, creative thinker and passionate teacher of holistic growth. Prepare for a paradigm shift.

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