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Light Painting Gets a Digital Upgrade with PixelStick

Light Painting Gets a Digital Upgrade with PixelStick


I first came across the idea of lighting paint when I saw a series of images created by Picasso. I was inspired by those classics! Something previously only seen in my imagination could now be brought out into the real world defying the laws of gravity and physics. Talk about getting in your work! I remember my days in film school, painting elements in the class room, manually calculating complicated ratios of exposures, firing off flashes with colored gels, and spending hours processing film in the pitch black darkroom (you’ve seen the amber light on in movies, which works for black and white photography, but colored work requires you work in complete darkness). Those days, light pairing was a strange mix of excitement, fun and a painful exercise in patience. With the ever evolving technology, today’s learning curve is much, much less steep. If you haven’t tried lighting painting yet, here’s a good place to start: Beginner’s Light Painting Kit.


The basic concept of lighting painting has been around since the dawn of photography. In fact, the root of the words photography comes from the idea of light painting or light writing! By keeping your camera still in low light areas over a long period of time, you can move a brighter light source (such as a flashlight, led, or Fourth of July sparkler) through the image without being visible yourself as you move through scene. You literally paint in light where you want it. The results can be astonishing! See below.





But the inventors of the PixelStick are reaching for the next level to evolve this age old art form. Check out the details from their Kickstarter campaign. What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.






From top to bottom, photos by Flickr artists RaFotoPurpleMattFish, and Tom Paton. Cover image from No-Username-Left.

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