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Searching | #seewhatimade

Searching | #seewhatimade

Title: Searching
Location: Stratford, CT
Photographer: Patrick Collins

Description: This image is from an on-going self assignment where I try to visually express the process of creative thought through the shapes and structures of trees. In this particular photograph, I visualize the act of trying to formulate an idea. The energy is there. The desire is there. But there is no central focus, just a jumbled tangle of loosely overlapping pathways that have yet connect in any meaningful way. It is the initial frenzied beginning of stimulating inspiration from the chaotic clutter of conscious thought.

FotoSeeds Inc.

FotoSeeds is an idea incubator for sustainable business practices. We help creative professionals keep doing what they love. You can join us one of three ways: play, grow, or partner.

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