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Growth Coaching & Mentorships

What is Growth Coaching?


We live in a world of information overload. An instant pile of information leading thousands of different directions can become paralyzing. Where do you start? Even if we have good and helpful information at our fingertips, it doesn’t always mean we have the time or resources to apply it to our unique circumstances. If you ever feel up against a wall, growth coaching is like the friend helping make a step for you to boost yourself up. It’s our mentoring program.


One-on-one coaching allows us to customize a learning experience to meet you where you are at right now. We contextualize information for you help you see what’s next. We do an in-depth survey to determine exactly where you are at, where you want to go, and how you can get there. And then we break it all down to a practical next step for you. It’s like a personal workshop tailored exactly right for you!

Choose Your Best Fit:


by-hour-phoneConnect: Meet one of us (either Kameron or Geoff) over coffee, come to the studio, or chat over Skype. Maybe you’re wrestling through a sensitive issue, need help in a specific area or just want to bounce an idea off us. This is space reserved just for you to ask us anything you want.


full-day-clockAll Day: A strategic breakdown and reorganization of everything connected to your business. It’s an intense day full of laughter, specific and honest feedback, shifts in perspective, tears sometimes, and a path clear of roadblocks so you can see the forrest through the trees and get to where you want to go.


mentor-program-calendar6 Month Program: One way to ensure healthy change in an area is to make it a habit. This program is designed to help you maintain your growth over time starting with a full day, weekly phone call updates, and a full day check up 3 months down the road.

Will You Be Happy with Your Investment?


“Life is 10,000 times better! Wait, no. It’s 10,001 times better!… It was as if we were learning to read for the first time… [Now] we have focused on taking care of ourselves, which has, interestingly, helped us to take better care of our clients.”

~Abbie Meyers, From the Meyers Photography


“Wow. Where do I begin?! First off… Kameron [of FotoSeeds] is amazing, patient and kind, [yet still] honest. But his best trait, by far, is his ability to listen.”

~Stacy and Ryan Ideus, Stacy Ideus Photography


“Not a day goes by that the mentoring we did with you and FotoSeeds isn’t evident — those seeds are growing… [At] this time last year we were exhausted, burnt out and not turning a profit.


“This year those seeds are coming up above the ground and the growth and fruit we are experiencing is absolutely wonderful!!”

~Naomi and Rob Yanike, Makarios Photography


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