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The Big Idea

A Vision for Sustainability





FotoSeeds was the collaborative dream of photographers Geoff Johnson and Kameron Bayne to see the photography industry grow and flourish long term. In 2011, we set out to be working photographers helping working photographers. Over the next few years, we taught workshops, spoke at various conferences and offered one-on-one growth coaching sessions. But as it grew, it became apparent FotoSeeds needed more attention than we could give it and still run our separate photography businesses. In 2015, we made the hard choice to officially closed the doors of FotoSeeds, Inc.


But the dream lives on —  bigger than anything we could do alone. We want to pass it on to you and everyone who cares about the future of our shared industry.


Today, more and more consumer clients and commercial corporations are asking creatives to do work for free. And an increasing number of experienced and aspiring creatives are now feeling pressure to work harder for less just to keep working. As our industry changes and conforms to these new economic realities, an age old debate draws sharper battle lines between who is just a “hobbyist” and who is a real “professional”. Our dream is to redraw those lines, and reframe that discussion as a partnership between the two rather than a war we fight amongst ourselves.


We call it #createsustainably.

Sustainability Venn Diagram




The photographer of the sustainable future must find a way for the hobbyist and the professional to co-exist and help each other grow. In this new age, both “hobbyists” and “professionals” are the two legs of a modern creative — to walk and move forward, we’ll trade off between them to strategically develop value rather than exploit it.

Do you believe in our dream? Share the paradigm shift.

We all love what we do. We give our best effort regardless of the pay. We are all amateurs at heart. We can reclaim these truths with pride, integrity, courage, and dignity. At the same time, we don’t have let what we love to be used against us — and fall into a systematic addiction. This is true for aspiring beginners, experienced veterans, and everyone in between.


Sound crazy? Maybe.


Is it worth fighting for? Absolutely.


We believe creatives can keep doing what they love. It’s the #createsustainably idea. I hope you consider it for yourself and share with others you know and care about. Mull it over, engage, discuss, and maybe, we create a sustainable community together and pave the way towards a revitalized industry for our fellow creatives and those our talents serve.

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